Paper Intake

Container System

Fully cellulose-produced paper group (1st Dough) paper group produced from cellulose and wood pulp (The newspaper and the third. Dough) A group of papers made from a mixture of cellulose with a paper (Kroma, corrugated cardboard)

A group of paper with low recycling efficiency produced from cellulosis (coated paper) Our company provides services to the areas it serves with its own vehicles. Waste paper is taken in the delivery of our facilities regardless of its weigth. Merkez Geri Donusum, To show the utmost thoroughness to environmental cleanliness and layout, the collection process; Using the container system applied for the first time in our country, Placing empty containers and compactors wherever waste paper can come out, It serves with containers equipped with hooks and lifts to carry these containers effortlessly and quietly. With this system we see various examples abroad, the container is only with the help of the drivers used by the driver's own seat within 3 minutes lower the load to empty area and lift with the new one. Both loading and landing, saving time and labor.



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