Paper Types

Types of paper used in the industry

  • 1. Dough paper: Often used for printing such as letterhead, book, brochure. The amount of cellulose in its composition is high and the amount of wood is low.
  • 2. Dough paper: Preferred in printing of books and similar works. It is not possible to print quality with these papers that are not full white color. The amount of cellulose and wood in its composition are almost equal.
  • 3. Dough paper: The amount of wood in its composition is more than the quantity of cellulose. This type of paper also known as straw paper which is cheap however, it is not preferred because of  its quality.
  • Coated paper: Coated paper with two varieties, matte and glossy, is usually preferred in brochure printing. Coated paper with fully white surface gives the best result in the printing of pictures.
  • Bristol (American Bristol): A surface is machined, bright and full white; the other surface is a quality carton that is dull and rough. Usually preferred in printing of books, notebooks. The back side of this cardboard type is not suitable for color printing. Also, these paper is not suitable for revolta printing because both sides are not similar.
  • Kraft: Obtained from recycled paper. Thick, rough and cellulose coloured. It is usually preferred printing in invitations, brochures and packaging.
  • Chrome Cardboard: One of it's surface is smooth and bleached, the other surface is dull. This paper type is usually used in the packaging industry.



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